Tuesday, October 07, 2008

SDS All-Stars - Electone and Brass

Good news folks, Mr Snookles found a bunch of fresh vinyl in his travels. First up, at the request of Third Island visitor Captain Chelicerate, a rare LP from the King Records label featuring the redoubtable Tetsusaburo Hirai and the red-hot SDS All-Stars.

Listen to 'Baby Elephant Walk' to here the ensemble playing at its grooviest, or hear the fabulous Electone organ produce its trademark swirls of sound in 'Moon River'.

Essential Japanese Lounge!

01 - The Longest Day
02 - Tonight
03 - Baby Elephant Walk
04 - Orfeo Negro
05 - Fascination
06 - Un Amore A Roma
07 - King Of Kings
08 - L'eclipse
09 - Moon River
10 - Deguello
11 - Never On A Sunday
12 - Al Di La

SDS All-Stars - Electone and Brass

SDS All-Stars - Electone and Brass

Mr Snookles