Saturday, November 29, 2008

Robert Delgado - Blue Hawaii

Well, in our usual back-to-front way us southern-hemispherereons are just getting ready for summer, and what could be more refreshing than an ice-cool drink and some languid exotica floating on the hibiscus-scented breeze?

Roberto Delgado, more often known for his gringo latin efforts, dishes up a groovy selection of tunes, a particular fave being the exotica-ragtime blend "Honolulu Ragtime Doll". One can see the shock in the studio when Mr Delgado asks for some honky-tonk piano in the arrangement...

No back cover scan for this one as both sides are identical.

01 - Sweet Leilani
02 - Hawaiian Wedding Song
03 - Pagan Love Song
04 - Hawaii Tattoo
05 - Polynesian Waltz
06 - Blue Hawaii
07 - Sun Of Hawaii
08 - Blume Von Hawaii
09 - Sleepy Lagoon
10 - Wini-Wini, Wana-Wana
11 - My Tane
12 - Hawaiian Blue Beat Baby
13 - Honolulu Ragtime Doll
14 - Maori Farewell Song

Robert Delgado - Blue Hawaii

Robert Delgado - Blue Hawaii

Mr Snookles