Saturday, December 06, 2008

Leo Addeo - The Magic Of Hawaii

Hear Ye, Hear Ye:

I, Mr Snookles, in my official capacity as a Furry Composite Being of Impeccable Musical Taste do hereby declare 2009 to be The Summer Of Lounge (Southern Hemisphere Only).
Let the cheesy strains of our chosen music bring peace and contentment to all and sundry, soothe the malcontented, and give succor to the afflicted.

And what better way to kick off The Summer Of Lounge than with some easy-vocal renditions of Hawaiian standards from 1968? As inconsequential and fluffy as it gets...perfect.

01 - One Paddle, Two Paddle
02 - Lovely Hula Hands
03 - My Little Grass Shack
04 - Beyond The Reef
05 - The Hukilau Song
06 - Pagan Love Song
07 - Hawaiian Wedding Song
08 - South Sea Island Magic
09 - Tiny Bubbles
10 - Mauna Loa

Leo Addeo - The Magic Of Hawaii

Leo Addeo - The Magic Of Hawaii

Mr Snookles (Official Ambassador to The Summer Of Lounge)