Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tommy Garrett - Takes You To Hawaii

Our convivial co-blogger Mr Lounge "I never met a Martini I didn't like" Tracks did some arithmetic in one of the comments due to the abundance of 101 strings and 50 guitars posts - Well LT time to get your calculator back as Tommy and his gaggle of guitarists gear up for some more laid-back exotica goodness.

I've seen a low bitrate version of this posted before in the bloggosphere, but having found a good-quality vinyl version, I decided it's time to see it back online. Let the Summer of Lounge (you northern hemispherites will have to settle for the Winter of Discontent) continue...

01 - Blue Hawaii
02 - Hawaiian Wedding Song
03 - Pagan Love Song
04 - My Little Grass Shack
05 - Now Is The Hour
06 - Hawaiian War Chant
07 - The Hukilau Song
08 - Song Of The Islands
09 - Lovely Hula Hands
10 - Sweet Leilani
11 - Moon Of Manakora
12 - Aloha Oe

Tommy Garrett - Takes You To Hawaii

Tommy Garrett - Takes You To Hawaii

Mr Snookles