Monday, February 09, 2009

Ferrante and Teicher - Rhapsody

F & T slap the ivories in this collection of light classics. No orchestra, just 176 keys played with the usual F & T gusto. Stand-out track for me George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue in its original two-piano arrangement.

This album needed major restoration, and the many quiet passages make any surface noise glaring obvious. I've done my best, but you will hear the odd pop...

A sad day for all in Oz today. As you may have heard the worst bushfires in our history have devastated much of Australia. All the flags at school at half-mast this morning, and a sombre mood throughout. Please say a prayer and send you best wishes to those who have lost family and friends. Thanks.

01 - Hungarian Rhapsody
02 - Swedish Rhapsody
03 - Rumanian Rhapsody In A, Op 11 No. 2
04 - Cornish Rhapsody
05 - Rhapsody In Blue
06 - Hollywood Rhapsody

Ferrante and Teicher - Rhapsody

Ferrante and Teicher - Rhapsody

Mr Snookles

p.s. On a brighter note I have just discovered Kelly's Lounge Soundz and it's a cracker of a site... I'd like to extend a Furry Snookle welcome to Kelly, its Kiwi proprietor - Check it out.