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Philip Green - Follow The Sun

Philip Green began his long recording career began with EMI in 1933, and during the following years he directed and played piano and harpsichord on 78s with many leading bands, including Teddy Foster, Henry Jacques, The New Mayfair Dance Orchestra, Harry Roy and Jack Simpson - as well as lesser-known ensembles with intriguing titles such as The Bravour Dance Orchestra, The Celestial Beings and The Bunkhouse Boys.

However the vast majority of his numerous pre-war records had his own name on the label, directing diverse groups like The Seven Kings of Rhythm, Busketeers, Swing on Strings, Rhythm on Reeds and Don Miguel and his Cuban Music (one of his many pseudonyms, some others being Louise Duke, Jose Belmonte, Ricardo Lamarr and Don Felipe). More Info...

When it comes to vinyl its often the case that older is better, and this album from 1958 shows why. Beautiful arrangements by Philip and friend and co-composer Norrie Paramor show why the Exotica craze became so popular. Evoking the atmosphere of far-away lands yet still inhabiting that cosy familiar BBC Light Orchestra sound world, this is armchair travel at its finest.

01 - Rendezvous In Rio
02 - Viva Venezuela
03 - Miami Beach
04 - Spring In Siam
05 - Honolulu Honeymoon
06 - Jamaican Jamboree
07 - Tangier Intrigue
08 - Baghdad Bazaar
09 - Midnight In Malaga
10 - Mexico Ole
11 - Venetian Blue
12 - Las Vegas Vacation

Philip Green - Follow The Sun

Philip Green - Follow The Sun

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