Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rawicz and Landauer - The Two Grands

I got a couple of comments about my post "Ferrante and Teicher - Rhapsody" - in particular the cover which raised a few eyebrows... Well, in sharp contrast we turn to an album by piano duo Rawicz and Landauer where they decided (some might say bravely) to put their own faces on the cover. Of course the fact that they look like a couple of British character acters who always played the inept criminal in all those 60's B movies has no bearing on the quality of their playing, but lets face it, it probably didn't help the sales of their album.

If you haven't heard of them before, they were famed for their 'near psychic affinity' which enabled them to play all sorts of virtuoso music in beautiful concord.

A quote from the lyrics of British folk-rocker Richard Thompson's song 'Let It Blow'...
He was a species on the verge of extinction
She was an Air New Zealand hostess
They were mystically joined, like Rawicz and Landauer
Like Pinky and Perky, like Porgy and Bess
Lots of notes in this one...

01 - Warsaw Concerto
02 - Waltzing With Strauss
03 - Thunder And Lightning Polka
04 - Arabesque No. 1
05 - Ritual Fire Dance
06 - Golliwog's Cakewalk
07 - Claire De Lune
08 - Waltz From 'Eugene Onegin'
09 - Rustle Of Spring
10 - Sabre Dance
11 - Waltz From 'Masquerade'

Rawicz and Landauer - The Two Grands

Rawicz and Landauer - The Two Grands

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