Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ray Martin - Dynamica

Ray Martin's Dynamica is one of the defining albums of the Space-Age-Pop Genre. From RCA's Stereo Action series ("The sound your eyes can follow") it features exaggerated use of the new space age stereophonic sound.

As I only had a low-bitrate copy downloaded about two years ago, I was delighted to find this Australian vinyl reissue. Alas this album inexplicably omits two tracks from the original, even though they are listed on the front cover. Oh well - higher quality, less tracks... Grab it if ya want it.

01 - Flight Of The Bumble Bee
02 - Mood Indigo
03 - Bye Bye Blues
04 - Humoresque
05 - Stormy Weather
06 - Shadrack
07 - Indian Summer
08 - Malaguena
09 - The Moon Was Yellow
10 - Lullaby Of The Leaves

Ray Martin - Dynamica

Ray Martin - Dynamica

Mr Snookles

p.s. the cover shown is not the same as the original. I have included the original covers in the album.