Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stan Getz - The Dolphin

They say the two things people want to do before they die are to see the world from space and swim with the dolphins. Well, I don't think Stan's hopped aboard a Virgin Airways Star-liner just yet but it looks like he did get to fulfil wish no. 2. This album was recorded just after he moved the New York to San Francisco in the early 80's, and it looks like the new-age flavour of the times was rubbing off on him.

The jazz on offer is of the cool, swingin', cocktail sippin' variety, which is how we like it at Third Island. Laid-back quartet, Stan delivering those tasty licks and occasionally lifting the tempo and heading towards be-bop territory.

01 - The Dolphin
02 - A Time For Love
03 - Joy Spring
04 - My Old Flame
05 - The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
06 - Close Enough For Love

Stan Getz - The Dolphin

Stan Getz - The Dolphin

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