Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Webley Edwards Presents - Hawaii Today

Webley Edwards was the person who presented the famous "Hawaii Calls" radio and TV shows back in the sixties. This album showcases some of the local talent and was recorded in Waikiki.

Most of the album features the Hawaii Calls Chorus conducted by James Kaopuiki. See the back cover scan for the names of the soloists.

01 - Sweet Someone
02 - Hasegawa General Store
03 - Quiet Village
04 - Painted Sands
05 - Ho-Le Waimea
06 - Sands Of Waikiki
07 - Pearly Shells
08 - I'll Remember You
09 - Hawaii Tattoo
10 - Kealoha
11 - Just Oceans Away
12 - Beyond The Rainbow

Hawaii Today

Hawaii Today

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