Friday, March 20, 2009

D'Artega - The Breeze And I

Some tasty easy-orchestral sounds from Alfonso D'Artega. Ernesto Lecuona, whose music is featured here, is a major figure in the Space Age Pop scene. He brought the first successful Latin orchestra to the United States, fostered the careers of many of the most influential artists in Latin music, and composed many of its most enduring songs. His compositions Malaguena, La Comparasa, and The Breeze And I appear on numerous records. (Thank you again, Space Age Pop)

As far as I can tell, this record was recorded in 1946, though the info is a bit hazy. Any informed listeners out there - please give us the benefit of your wisdom in a comment...

01 - Malaguena
02 - Ante El Escorial
03 - Jungle Drums
04 - Armor Que No Es Verdad
05 - Aragonesa
06 - La Comparasa
07 - The Breeze And I
08 - Maor Que Bonito Has Vuelto
09 - No Tienes Corazon - El Merinaque
10 - Say 'Si Si'
11 - Gitanerias
12 - Cordoba

D'Artega - The Breeze And I
D'Artega - The Breeze And I

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