Thursday, June 18, 2009

Charles Magnante - Carnival

Another fine release from Command records, this time featuring accordion virtuoso Charles Magnante along with a host of Command regulars such as Al Casiamente on guitar, Dick Hymen on piano plus Dick Dia, Doc Severinson, Phil Krauss and a host of others.

One must never underestimate the importance of the accordion in Space-Age Pop music. Charles actually designed his own accordion (The Eldorado) and kept a special laboratory for his researches into sound.

As with many Command releases the liner notes provide exhaustive detail on each song, ecstatically describing each pluck, strum or thwack as it occurs. I have of course reproduced all the notes for your further enjoyment... So sit back and enjoy the accordion exotica of Charles as he weaves his way amongst a collection of oh-so-familiar favourites.

01 - Carnival
02 - Two Guitars
03 - Brasilia
04 - Anna
05 - April In Portugal
06 - Yellow Bird
07 - La Cucaracha
08 - Never On Sunday
09 - Espana Cani
10 - Czardas
11 - Under Paris Skies
12 - Just Say I Love Her

Charles Magnante - Carnival
Charles Magnante - Carnival

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