Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dylan Thomas - Under Milkwood

Thanks to all the people who "signed the guest book" in my signing off post - it took me by surprise, and I'm touched by all the well-wishers. By way of thanks for all the kind comments I thought I'd leave this final offering, though it's a bit of a departure from the lounge and exotica that formed the staple fare of this blog.

To quote the liner notes:

This is the record of Dylan Thomas' final, bawdy, beautiful work, of its premiere performance on May 14, 1953, with Thomas, a cast of five American actors, and an audience.

It is the only recording ever made with Thomas in the cast, and it owes its existence to the chance thought someone had just before curtain time of setting up the little tape recorder that was at hand and laying a microphone on the floor at the center of the stage. The later performances were not taped because a studio recording for Caedmon was planned, though Thomas did not live to do it. That this recording was not erased or lost or thrown away remains some kind of miracle.

Set in the town of Llareggub (try spelling out the letters in reverse order) it tells of the trials and tribulations of a motley crew of variously henpecked, overbearing, drunken and promiscuous townspeople. It shows Thomas at his most masterful in his command of the English language.

At the end, Thomas, who was unsure of the success of his play and armed with a dozen good reasons for failure is met by a stormy ovation. His shy and stammered "Thank you, thank you" is lost in the shouts of the audience.

While not as witty, I am equally surprised by the thanks from all the supporters of this blog. So I shall echo Dylan's thanks and share this master-work by a great 20th century literary figure in response.

And now it's time for a holiday...

Dylan Thomas - Under Milkwood

Mr Snookles

p.s. this double album was one of the first ever ripped by me, way back before the bog started. My audio restoration technique wasn't as good back then, so there a couple of imperfections, and it's only at 128kbps - still, you've got to love hearing Thomas' golden tones reciting the work he loved best...

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Don Tiare - Strings Over Hawaii

Owing to the kind comments I received over the two previous orchestral exotica outings published last week, I thought I'd dig another out of the vaults, although this one dates from an earlier era.

01 - Blue Hawaii
02 - I'll Be Thinking Of You
03 - Lovely Hula Girl
04 - Sea Breeze
05 - Hawaiian Love Call
06 - Hawaiian Guitar
07 - Hawaiian Wedding Song
08 - Mapuana
09 - Forevermore
10 - Beyond The Rainbow
11 - Silhouette Hula
12 - Lilue-Leahi-Aloha

Don Tiare - Strings Over Hawaii

Mr Snookles

p.s. Owing to changing personal circumstances this blog will be closing shortly. Thanks to all those who have supported Third Island; I hope you have a few musical items to brighten your lives as a result.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Black Watch - War Pipe and Plaid

All Right!! Together at last - 1st Battalion The Black Watch (RHR) of Scotland, and 2nd Battalion The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada. Yes Scotland's most famous pipe band and its Canadian namesake combine to get the reels skirling and the airs keening.

That's the great thing about running your own blog, you get to post whatever tickles your fancy. Most people run for cover at the thought of massed bagpipes, but not me. I rate massed bagpipes third behind Yodelling Harmonists (The DeZurik Sisters), and Blind Religious Whistlers (Fred Lowry) in my list of Favourite Musical Eccentricities.

Download it if you dare...

01 - Fanfare For Heroes
02 - Highland Laddie
03 - Medley-Lord MacPherson of Drumochter-Old Adam
04 - Sarafand
05 - Tribute To John F. Kennedy-Mist Covered Mountains-John F. Kennedy
06 - Impression Of A Scottish Air
07 - Medley-The GairLoch-Farewell to Gibralter-All The Blue Bonnets
08 - The Longest Day
09 - Medley-Donald McIvor-Loch Loskin-Calum Campbell
10 - Eriskay Love Lilt - Road To The Isles
11 - Medley-Sir Colin Campbell's Farewell To Crimea-Collins Cattle-I See Mull
12 - Fridericus Rex
13 - Medley-Morag of DunVegan-Lady Madeline Sinclair-Piper Of Drummond-High Road To Linton-Deil Among The Tailors-Reel O'Tulloch

Black Watch - War Pipe and Plaid

Mr O'Snookles

ps MegaUpload appears to be defunct....