Saturday, October 31, 2009

Stanley Black - France

More classic lounge from the master. Phase 4 sound, huge orchestra, hundreds of singing Mormons, and the quirky and inventive arrangements of M. Noir. I have also included an interview with Tony D'Amato, producer of the phase 4 series. D'Amato goes on record to state that our Stan was the most brilliant arranger he ever worked with. High praise, but I for one have to agree - Stan's the man...

01 - I Love Paris
02 - What Now My Love
03 - Hi Lili, Hi Lo
04 - At Last, At Last
05 - Gigi Medley
06 - La Normandie Can Can
07 - Madmoiselle De Paree
08 - La Mer
09 - Plasir D'amour
10 - Soldiers' Medley

Stanley Black - France

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