Sunday, March 14, 2010

Poss Miyazaki - Hawaiian Exotics

Time for some Japanese exotica with Poss Miyazaki and his Hawaiian All-Stars. Long time followers of the blog will remember some other postings from the Japanese King Records label. For the uninitiated SDS or Super Dynamic Sound was the Japanese answer to the Command Records Project 3 or Phase 4 hi-fi wonder-sound. As such you can read all about it (even which microphones were used) on the back cover.

As this is an Australian Festival pressing it's not the same as the original King vinyl, but nonetheless packs a fair audio punch. Lots of shimmering lap-steel guitar, some electone organ courtesy of Shiro Michi, a smattering of vibes and those Hawaiian all-stars singing some tasty choruses. Enjoy.

01 - Ta-Huwahuwai
02 - Sweet Leilani
03 - Love Song Of Kalua
04 - Little Grass Shack
05 - Hilawe
06 - Moon Of Manakoora
07 - Blue Hawaii
08 - Malihini Mele
09 - Hawaiian Wedding Song
10 - Mama Iti E Papa E
11 - Beyond The Reef
12 - Aloha Oe

Poss Miyazaki - Hawaiian Exotics

Mr Snookles

Monday, March 08, 2010

Bennelong Players - Baroque to Beatles

Co-conspirator Shadrack Blintz has been on the prowl for some new old vinyl, and has provided a fewq tasty titbits for your enjoyment. Today's bon-mot is an Australian rarity - the Bennelong Players serving up some popular tunes of the day in their chamber ensemble format.

(Historical note Bennelong was the name of a famous Australian Aboriginal - one of the first to learn about European ways, and to teach the new settlers about traditional culture. The Sydney Opera house is situated on Bennelong point.)

The fare wanders from light classics to Beatles covers and hits of the moment - Australian readers will be able to date the album to a nicety by the inclusion of the theme from 'Rush' - a hit TV series about the gold-rush days.

01 - Joy
02 - Greensleeves
03 - German Dance
04 - Eleanor Rigby
05 - Theme From Rush
06 - Bouree
07 - Scarborough Fair
08 - Nerini
09 - La Volta
10 - Bachianas Brazilleiras
11 - Yesterday
12 - Kemps Jig
13 - Ariosa
14 - The Entertainer

Bennelong Players - Baroque to Beatles
Mr Snookles