Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sarah Vaughn - Sings The Beatles

Hello good blogfolk. It's been a while hasn't it? First, a kind thank you to all the folk that have been leaving messages of support. Some links have expired, as someone has asked for them to be removed. Please note, if a link has disappeared because someone has objected, I will not be re-upping - sorry - you just had to be there at the time.

However, you patience has been rewarded, by our latest offering, the terminally cool jazz reworkings of the evergreen Beatles catalog, this time by Sarah Vaughn, with a host of jazz luminaries, including Lee Ritenour on guitar, Toots Thielmans on harmonica, Jeff Porcaro and Dave and Marty Paich.

From 1981, this is almost yesterday compared to the vintage of most offerings on this site. The 80's jazz fusion synth may sound a little unusual at first, but I know you will grow to love the album, and be amazed by the range and power of Sarah,s vocal delivery. At times it reminded of Yma Sumac herself.

This album was bought by Mr Snookles during a recent sojourn in Gay Paree, from the terminally hip CrocoJazz shop in the Rue de la Montagne in Paris...

Sarah Vaughn - Sings The Beatles

Enjoy - Mr Snookles Avec Shadrac Blintz.