Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Xavier Cugat - Bread, Love and Cha-Cha

Cugie's back on Third Island with some classic cha-cha from 1957. I know some of you will already have this fab slice of latin louge, but for those who missed it when it floated throught the blogosphere in the past - here's your chance.

From the liner notes:
Some years ago, Italian movie-makers initiated a cycle beginning with Bread, Love and Dreams, continuing with Bread, Love and Jealousy, which became Frisky in the United States, and finally dwindling down to Bread, Love and.... Now new impetus is being injected, with the title Xavier Cugat has selected for his newest collection of Latin American music, and, as man cannot live by bread alone, neither can he live by cha-cha-cha alone, so the canny Cugie has made room for a pair of calypsos, a mambo and a guaracha mambo to diversify his program.

The extraordinary loaf of bread on which Señor Cugat is leaning in the cover photograph was especially designed and baked for that purpose; its transportation to the photographer's studio was covered by national news magazines, as befits a veritable king of loaves. The extraordinary creature leaning on Senor Cugat is the talented and incendiary Mrs. Cugat, known professionally as singer Abbe Lane.

01 - Bread, Love And Cha-Cha
02 - Frenesi
03 - Suavecito
04 - Very, Very Satisfied
05 - Whatever Lola Wants
06 - Penthouse Mambo
07 - La Paloma
08 - Maria La O
09 - Coco Seco
10 - Banana Boat Song
11 - Mi Musica Es Para Ti
12 - April In Portugal

Xavier Cugat - Bread, Love and Cha-Cha

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